The Courtyard: Why Cyprus’ Capital Nicosia Is One Of Europe’s Best Cities To Live In

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to experience the urban sophistication of a contemporary, cosmopolitan capital city? The Cyprus’ capital Nicosia, Cyprus is what you are looking for.

The city is large enough to provide residents with a wide range of neighborhoods to choose from, with rental and purchase opportunities for real estate at much lower prices than in other European cities. 

The fact that Nicosia is still small enough for you to get to know it and feel entirely at home in a short period of time, while keeping a particular charm, may be one of the main reasons it ranks so highly among other capital cities.

Travel easily to many world destinations from a well-connected location

Cyprus offers easy access to air and sea routes that connect Europe with the Middle East and Asia.
Many of the top multinational corporations have a presence on the island for a good reason: more easy and effective commute with the major countries.

With that being said, EU citizens living in Cyprus are entitled to work, live and open a business under the EU law, establishing a good lifestyle in the island.

Take advantage of Cyprus’ full EU membership

Additionally, there are individual tax incentives that are attractive to key managers who are moving their headquarters to Cyprus, as well as to retirees.

Nicosia is the perfect location if you wish to conduct your business within the EU while keeping taxation as low as possible due to its competitive corporate income tax rate of 12.5%, a well-educated workforce, and a business-friendly atmosphere.

By establishing residency in Nicosia, you can take advantage of the same benefit as an individual.

You can find a wide range of real estate options including contemporary apartments in standalone residential developments with amenities like a pool and gym, as well as stunning luxurious villa-style homes in well-kept residential neighborhoods.
Specifically, the new Residential development in Nicosia, called The Courtyard, consists of 6 storeys with 2-bed 3-bed, 4-bed and full-floor apartment, all enjoying stunning views of the building’s green oasis! 

The development is located in a highly demanded area in Nicosia, near the famous  Athalassa Forest, where you can enjoy living in a quiet area without sacrificing the conveniences of a city – with direct access to a variety of shops, services, cafes, and restaurants.

Weather winter in style in a well-equipped city

Winter time in Nicosia is typically a few degrees warmer than on the coast, but that doesn’t stop people from enjoying a nice cup of coffee, a glass of wine, and a delicious dinner outside. Additionally, cafés and restaurants have well-equipped outdoor seating spaces that will keep you warm and cozy.

And one thing is for sure… in Nicosia you’ll never run out of things to do – the city has museums and galleries, movie theaters and several theatrical events take place all year round.
As for shopping, here’s the thing, Nicosia has 3 shopping Malls, bespoke boutiques, high-end or high fashion shops as well as famous global brands, and family-run businesses. 

What’s more, there are a lot of reputable international schools as well as neighborhood schools where students get the best possible education from experienced professionals. Therefore, if you are a parent and want your children to get a good well-rounded education, Nicosia has a variety of schools, colleges and universities.

The city of Nicosia is also very well equipped with hospitals and private health clinics – from fertility to cosmetics with excellent medical facilities.

Overall, Cyprus is a great place to live a high standard of living, with beautiful beaches and exciting water parks just a short drive from Nicosia, a remarkably hospitable city to live and work. The country is home to one of the best Mediterranean climates, with all the amenities a contemporary, well-resourced EU city has to offer.

So, if you are interested in living and/or relocating to Cyprus and you are in search for a new home, then The Courtyard, the new Residential development in Nicosia is the place for you, your family and your friends to make the best memories. 

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