‘The Courtyard’ – FAQ

‘The Courtyard’ residential project is without doubt the most exquisite to be built in Nicosia. Its controlled entrance, with cars present only in the basement area and a landscaped 6700-meter garden area will facilitate activities fit to the needs of the modern way of life.

The project’s site is truly advantageous as it will offer easy access both to the town centre as well as the highway, while being at the highest location of the peaceful immediate area. Services and amenities like schools, pharmacies, kiosks, restaurants, coffee shops and a private hospital centre are all within walking distance.

All information about the project, except prices, are found on the webpage www.thecourtyard.com.cy.

Frequently-asked questions from interested buyers are found below:

1. Prices and what is included?

The prices include the following, among others:

  • Photovoltaics for common areas and for each flat.
  • Two covered basement parking areas, (one for the 2-bedroom flats). The privilege of buying extra parking spaces
  • Underfloor heating with an electric heat pump
  • Air conditioning units in every room
  • Aluminum, electric blinds for all bedroom balcony doors windows
  • Water pressure system
  • Town water supply in the kitchen
  • Many other features

Prices vary depending on the internal area of each flat, the area of the covered balconies, garden for ground-floor flats, roof garden for top floor, the floor level of each flat etc. Find the flat that you like and come to discuss the price.

2. When will construction of the project start and when will it finish?

The construction has begun in October 2023. The construction period will be about 2 years. The entire project shall be completed around March 2026.

3. How are payments made?

Upon reservation of a flat 30% of the purchase price is paid. The rest of the purchase price is paid gradually according to the progress of the construction.

4. Who are the shareholders of the GPR Green Park Residences Ltd, company that will develop the project, and who will be the contractor?

There is a diverse shareholding of the company. They include individuals with long experience, both in Cyprus and internationally, in the real estate sector, (both in construction as well as sales). Most of the shareholders are Cypriots but it includes a Polish shareholder as well as several Lebanese.

The contracting company is K. Athienitis Contractors Ltd. Beyond the vast experience in both residential and commercial projects the contractors have a good reputation in the market for the quality of their work. The company K. Athienitis Contractors Ltd acts in cooperation with the developing company for the completion of the project.

5. What is The Courtyard?

The Courtyard is a prestigious residential development in Nicosia, Cyprus, combining nature and tradition with modernism and elegance to offer a secure and tranquil living environment.

6. Who developed The Courtyard?

The Courtyard was developed by Green Park Residences, inspired by the traditional Cypriot courtyard model.

7. Where is The Courtyard located?

The Courtyard is located in Dasoupolis, Nicosia, close to amenities such as the Cyprus Olympic Committee headquarters, hospitals, schools, and parks.

8. What amenities does The Courtyard offer?

The Courtyard features extensive gardens, outdoor recreational areas, a children’s playground, exercise decks, a running track, BBQ areas, and shaded walkways.

9. Is The Courtyard a family-friendly development?

Yes, The Courtyard is designed to be family-friendly with safe play areas and large green spaces.

10. What type of residences are available at The Courtyard?

The Courtyard offers two-bedroom, three-bedroom, four-bedroom, and full-floor five-bedroom apartments, each with private gardens, balconies, or roof terraces.

11. Are there outdoor recreational areas at The Courtyard?

Yes, there are extensive green areas, walking and running tracks, exercise decks, and spaces for social gatherings.

12. What inspired the design of The Courtyard?

The design was inspired by the traditional Cypriot courtyard, aiming to create a contemporary living space that promotes community and well-being.

13. Are pets allowed at The Courtyard?

Yes, The Courtyard is pet-friendly, with designated areas for pets.

14. Is there parking available at The Courtyard?

Yes, there are ample underground parking spaces, including charging stations for electric vehicles.

15. How can I schedule a tour of The Courtyard?

To schedule a tour, contact the sales office via phone or the contact form on the website.

16. What security measures are in place at The Courtyard?

The Courtyard features a fully fenced perimeter, a supervised main entrance, and secure underground parking for enhanced privacy and security.

17. How can I purchase a residence at The Courtyard?

For purchasing inquiries, contact the sales office directly or visit the website for more information.

18. Are there community events at The Courtyard?

Yes, The Courtyard hosts various community events to foster a sense of belonging among residents.

19. Is The Courtyard environmentally friendly?

Yes, it incorporates eco-friendly practices, including photovoltaic systems, solar water heaters, and sustainable landscaping.

20. What makes The Courtyard unique compared to other developments?

Its blend of nature, tradition, and modern amenities, along with a focus on community and well-being, make The Courtyard a unique residential development.

21. How can I stay updated on news and events at The Courtyard?

You can subscribe to the newsletter, follow on social media, or check the website regularly for updates.

22. Can I rent a residence at The Courtyard?

For rental inquiries, please contact the sales office for more information.

23. What are the benefits of living at The Courtyard?

Benefits include a secure, tranquil environment with modern amenities, ample green spaces, and a strong sense of community.

24. Who should I contact for media or partnership inquiries?

For media or partnership inquiries, reach out to the marketing department via the contact information provided on the website.

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