The Courtyard: The main reasons to buy a flat in Nicosia, Cyprus

Are you looking to buy a flat in Nicosia, in Cyprus? Is this the time of the year you have decided to buy a property under the sun, in the heart of the city?
Let’s not waste any more time; here is everything you need to know before buying a property in Nicosia!

European Residency
This is one of the most important reasons to invest in Cyprus real estate. By investing in Cyprus real estate, you can easily obtain European residence and relocate to Europe with all of your protected pension and health rights.

A Country Covered in Sunshine
The Cypriot Sun shines around 340 days a year… literally!
There is almost no crime, pollution, or vandalism in Cyprus, making it a highly desirable area to have a family and raise your children.

Tax Haven
Cyprus is the best tax haven, with a corporate tax rate of roughly 12%. This is the European Union’s lowest tax rate, and as a result, overseas investors are increasingly interested in buying or investing in a property in the country.

Reasonable Pricing
Despite the rising prices in the real estate in Cyprus, overall, the properties still remain at a lower price in comparison to other European countries. It is extremely possible to find and buy a lovely flat in Cyprus for a reasonably good price. 

A City with all its Perks
Whether you are looking for a property to buy in beautiful Paphos, or a state of the art residential flat in Limassol, or even an investment property in Larnaca’s port town and in Famagusta… having your own apartment in the the capital, while also taking advantage of the easy commute between the city and the beach, is one of the best choices you could possibly make!
Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the best of both worlds after all?

Specifically, “The Courtyard”, is one of the newest residential developments in Nicosia!

About “The Courtyard”
Located in the centre of Dasoupoli, “The Courtyard” is very close to a number of amenities, schools, hospitals, government organisations, such as EAC headquarters, the Cyprus Olympic Committee office and the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as the Athalassa National Park,which is just about 600 metres away, where other parks in the area are all within the same distance from “The Courtyard”.

This residential development in Nicosia consists of large green areas covered with trees, flowers, and colourful bushes, giving a scent of an Eden paradise and a view pleasing to the eye!

The apartments are designed to meet the demands and needs of modern families and offer big, practical open-plan areas, and are generally larger than any other apartments ever built, with high-quality materials that will last over time and require little or no maintenance.

There are two buildings with two-bedroom apartments, two buildings with three-bedroom apartments, and one building which consists of four-bedroom apartments only.

All apartments are of reasonable pricing compared to the rest of the market. The prices for  the 2-bedroom apartments start at €247,000, the 3-bedroom apartments at €403,000, the 4-bedroom apartments with €517,000 and for the whole floor apartments which comprise of 5 bedrooms the price starts at €763,000, and include the following (among other):
– Water heating beneath the floor (including the heat pump)
– Installed air conditioning units on every room, including concealed systems in the reception area
– Movable sun & privacy shaders on verandas
– Two parking spaces for each flat ( certain conditions apply)
– Solar water heater and water pressure system
– Photovoltaic systems covering common area electrical costs

Overall, Cyprus’s high living standards, lovely temperature, numerous blue flag beaches, and convenient geographical location make it a perfect destination to buy a flat or any kind of residential or investment property, and “The Courtyard” is definitely the ideal choice that ticks all boxes and meets the highest standards ever seen in the construction industry so far!

For more information regarding the development (floor plans, specifications and the price for each apartment etc.) or any other advice before you buy a flat in Nicosia, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team, or visit our website