The Courtyard : The First Unique Development in Nicosia

So many things have been said about “The Courtyard”, and we will keep adding more to this hype surrounding this new residential development in Nicosia!

Located near the Cyprus Olympic Committee’s headquarters, behind the Aretaeio hospital, and adjacent to the Alfa Mega supermarket, “The Courtyard” is a one-of-a-kind construction development currently underway, meeting the highest standards ever seen in the construction industry so far!

This gated community, located on 10.000 square metres of elevated land in a new calm neighbourhood, is home to six private apartment structures organised around its perimeter.

The focal point of this residential development in Nicosia, is a central courtyard built with extensive lifestyle features. The structures take up less than 30% of the overall land area, giving plenty of space for residents to enjoy the development’s 5.500 square metres of gardens and open spaces. The central garden space, which is surrounded by houses, is what inspired the name “The Courtyard” for the complex.

A multipurpose wooden exercise deck will be placed near a green wall with the calming sounds of a trickling water feature to add to the atmosphere, as well as many shaded squares for friendly get-togethers and a reading/working space with internet facilities allowing residents to work or relax outdoors, are some key elements you will find in “The Courtyard”.

Plush Green Areas
This residential development in Nicosia will consist of large green areas covered with mature trees, flowers, and colorful bushes, among other things, giving a scent of an Eden paradise and a view pleasing to the eye! 

Each of the six buildings is named after a Cyprus-native tree that has been placed in its entryway.

A wide route will encircle the complex, providing room for running and exercising. A huge, safe children’s playground, party area, and designated BBQ spot will be located on the complex’s outskirts.

Vehicles, motorbikes and bicycles will not be eligible to enter in ground-level areas for additional security and aesthetic appeal. As a result of this plan, all buildings will have ground-floor apartments with gardens that extend into the yard.
In addition, there will be more than two parking spaces for each flat in the underground carpark, big storage rooms for all the flats, as well as charging stations for electric vehicles in each parking bay.

The Apartments
All apartments are designed to meet the demands and needs of modern families and offer big, practical open-plan areas, built with high-quality materials that will last over time and require little or no maintenance.

There are two buildings with two-bedroom apartments, two buildings with three-bedroom apartments, and one building which consists of four-bedroom apartments only.
Each floor contains only two independent flats with no common walls and at least 2.5 meters between them for privacy, and the 5-bedroom apartments have just one apartment per floor. 

The Courtyard flats are generally larger than any other apartments ever built, with interior covered living areas of 94, 145, 208, and 257 square meters for the 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom apartments, respectively.

Attractive Pricing
All apartments are of reasonable pricing compared to the rest of the market, especially when the following features are included in the price:
– Water heating beneath the floor (including the heat pump)
– All windows have electrically powered aluminum Venetian shades
– Installed air conditioning units on every room, including concealed systems in the reception area
– Movable Venetian barriers on verandas
– Two parking spaces for each flat (with certain conditions apply)
– Each apartment has its own solar water heater and water pressure system
– Photovoltaic systems covering common area electrical costs
– The development also has its own water well for irrigation, meaning zero common water bills

Overall, “The Courtyard” provides pleasant day-to-day living in a friendly, comfortable, safe, and quiet setting surrounded by green spaces and outdoor amenities.

For more information regarding floor plans, specifications and the price for each apartment, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team, or visit our website