The Courtyard: 5 reasons why you should move to Cyprus

A move to a new country can completely change your life for the better. Cyprus is a beautiful country to make a new start in, with lovely weather, great hospitality and a lot of residential developments to settle into with your family!

So, let’s cut the chase as we present you with five reasons about why moving to Cyprus is a fantastic yet smart choice!

1. Safety first
Cyprus is one of the few countries with a low crime rate – in fact it has one of the lowest in all of Europe. When you first move to Cyprus, you may notice that people don’t even lock their cars when they go out, or even leave their doors and windows open at home. 

Well, eventually you  get used to it, but living amongst an honest and trustworthy community is absolutely something to applaud! Imagine what a great relief this can be, especially when you have small children!

2. Glorious weather
With almost 300 days of magnificent weather each year, people often characterise Cyprus as a “true paradise”, as summer seems to last forever,- even in January, the weather isn’t that cold!

You can always plan activities outdoors and spend time enjoying all of the things that are made more enjoyable by great weather and sunshine, such as water sports, BBQs and swimming. You can spend every weekend at the beach or in your private pool if you choose. It’s a dream come true, especially for individuals coming from colder countries.

3. Low taxes
You’ll also be better off if you relocate to Cyprus, thanks to the low tax rates on the island. As well as there being a high tax threshold before you have to pay any tax.

4. Easy living
Moving to Cyprus means there’s no need to rush anywhere… it’s not even good for you! The way of living is slower paced and much more calm, therefore you will naturally take things easier, and  will still have plenty of time to enjoy the small things in life; a new activity, a walk at the park, a day off work to enjoy the beach. Can you imagine anything better?

5. English language
When deciding to relocate to another country, one of the main concerns is not being able to communicate with the locals. If you are trying to do something important such as book a  doctor’s  visit or go to the supermarket, being able to get instant help in your native language or a language you can both understand is critical!

You won’t have this problem in Cyprus, as most natives speak  good English, and there are several institutions that specialise in offering classes to English-speaking people.

Feeling brave enough to learn the Greek language? There are also schools and institutions that can help you get started!

So, are you more confident in making the first step to move to Cyprus and call this lovely small island  home?
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